Become an Associated Partner

In order to support the ENRICH in the USA project team, an important group of 60 Associated Partners has already been mobilised who will contribute to the development of the Network of Centres and provide input to the Centre activities.

Involvement can be more or less strong, according to the interest and possibilities of each Associated Partner. The concept, benefits, and other elements described below might evolve as the initiative progresses.


Benefits of the Associated Partners:

  • Associated Partners benefit from the visibility of the ENRICH in the USA – each Associated partner will have a profile on the ENRICH in the USA website, the ENRICH in the USA collateral, etc.
  • Associated Partners get an early-access to information (ahead of external organisations) on competences that the ENRICH in the USA is seeking e.g. providing ENRICH in the USA events with a venue or delivering a specific service.
  • At a later stage, Associated Partners can become a part of the Network by becoming a ENRICH in the USA Landing Hub. This possibility will be open exclusively to the ENRICH in the USA Associated Partners.
  • The Associated Partners are eligible to host training events or other programmatic elements (with the reimbursement of training facility costs and other costs, as agreed with the ENRICH in the USA responsible partner).
  • At a later stage, Associated Partners and their members could potentially benefit from the services of the Landing Hubs in the US, possibly at a reduced cost/in return for a membership fee. This opportunity will be analysed and has to be confirmed later on.


Expectations from the Associated Partners:
The Associated Partners’ role englobes a wide range of options. The Associated Partners are expected to:

  • Support the promotion of the ENRICH in the USA initiative, its pilot calls etc.
  • Contribute to recruiting potential service providers, when relevant
  • Provide advice in the areas of their competences and practical support, when relevant
  • Support provision of content, resources or services to end-users, when relevant
  • Provide advice to the ENRICH in the USA initiative in the areas of their competences
  • Contribute to the ENRICH in the USA training and networking events, when relevant
  • Support fundraising efforts, bring important investment/potential business opportunities to the ENRICH in the USA service users
  • Provide specific input to the studies needed by the EU R&I community …

Are you interested to become an Associated Partner then please send as a message in the form below and also fill out and send us the following questionnaire