Business 2 Business (B2B) Bootcamps

1. What is the Business 2 Business (B2B) Bootcamp about?

Are you interested in expanding your existing business opportunities into the United States? Have you been looking for resources to help identify partners, locations and networks to support EU based small to medium enterprises (SME’s) in the US? ENRICH in the USA is offering 10 dayBusiness Boot Camps for motivated SME’s interested in connecting to business opportunities and learning more about the US ecosystem. This unique opportunity will enable selected participants a hands-on experience in the USA designed to foster business opportunities and knowledge of the United States market.


2. What do we offer?

All B2B Boot Camp participants will engage in a mix of courses, workshops, introductions to industry relevant stakeholders and hands-on working experience at abusiness incubator, accelerator or entrepreneurship centre in the United States with experience in supporting international companies establishing a presence in the country. All participants will receive training before the start of the program and arriving in the United States.

The program will consist of the following elements:


Pre-Departure Training: Sept. 4-5th

Participants in the pre-departure workshops are those selected for the Boot Camps in the US. The predeparture workshops prepare participants in the B2B Annual Bootcamp to make the most of their time in the US. Designed to run over two days in Brussels, the workshops focus on critical success factors for cracking the US market.

Topics to be covered will include:

  • Understanding the US market and the growth/scaling opportunity
  • Introduction to legal issues in the US(incorporation, immigration, IPs/patents, contracts)
  • Understanding where to land: Close to your partners and/or close to your clients.
  • Understanding the American way of doing business
  • Defining the right route to market (capitalizing on the right ecosystem i.e.vendors/manufacturers, financing your market entry, understanding direct vs. Indirect sales, how and when?)
  • Your pitch to US market insiders, stakeholders and investors
  • Market research and business plan development
  • IP strategies and tech transfer opportunities


Bootcamp Phase 1 – Arriving at Selected Landing Hub: Oct. 1- 6

  • Participants will travel to a Landing Hub site that has been assigned to them based on their US market of interest and that site’s particular resources available to entrepreneurs within the US ecosystem. Participants will spend this time working alongside entrepreneurs in similar industries, meeting industry relevant stakeholders, receiving additional business development training, learning about local resources at the selected Soft Landing site and from the city, region or state and immersing themselves in the local entrepreneurial ecosystem. Each day, regardless of which site participants are assigned to, they will attend a one to two hoursession on relevant business and/or product development topics delivered by the Landing Hub site and occasionally via webinar from InBIA.

Topics may include:

  • Introduction to resources and programs offered at the designated Landing Hub
  • Resources and incentives from the local city, state or ecosystem
  • IP strategies and tech transfer opportunities considering your industry
  • Manufacturing and/or scaling opportunities in the region
  • Understanding your American customers (in your industry)
  • Knowing your American competitors (in your industry)
  • Defining your value proposition in an American market
  • Refining the right route to market considering your industry
  • Pitch practice and development
  • Introduction to funding opportunities in the US (grants and equity)

Participants will be matched to one of several Landing Hubs throughout the United States based on industry specialization and company needs.


Bootcamp Phase 2 –Boston Centre: Oct. 7-10

All participants will travel to Boston for 3 days of additional networking and training which will introduce them into the Boston ecosystem, network and ENRICH in the USA East Coast Centre. These events will take place concurrently with the annual HUB Week, a startup, technology and cultural event in Boston which attracts over 10,000 attendees and is organized by MIT, Harvard, Massachusetts General Hospital and The Boston Globe from October 8 to October14th. HUB Week attracts senior executives and representatives from all over the US and over 50 countries in life sciences, technology, education, energy, materials and smart cities industries among others.

Participants will be able to attend HUB Week events, which will take place at the ENRICH Boston Centre at CIC and other locations around Boston, in addition to participating in the following ENRICH-focused activities during the first phase of HUB Week between October, 8 and October,10:

Pitch Practice, Review and Guidance:

  • A 2-hour pitch review session will be offered to the participants focusing on the elements required for a strong corporate or investor pitch. Each participant will then have an opportunity to practice once again their company pitch in a group setting and receive critical feedback and suggestions.

Corporate, Investor and Stakeholder Networking:

  • Participants will have the opportunity to network with corporate executives, investors and other stakeholders from the Boston and around the US at receptions hosted by ENRICH in the USA and Hub Week.

Tours of Boston Ecosystem locations:

  • Participants will be able to visit and tour incubators, accelerators, corporate headquarters and other locations around Boston. Many of these will be available during the “Open Door” days of HUB Week between Oct 8-10th but tours may be organized as well as part of the Global Access Passes each participant will receive for HUB Week.

Pitches in front of Corporate stakeholders and Investors:

  • The concluding event of the Bootcamp will be a pitch session in front of a panel of corporate executives and investors from the Boston area as well as around the US. This will be followed individual matchmaking sessions between the participants and corporates. Corporate executives and investors will be invited based on the composition of the companies selected.


3. What’s in it for you?

Through the bootcamps, participants can expect to achieve the following:

  • Training courses tailored to help understand various topics related to conducting business in the United States.
  • Opportunities to meet with business leaders, potential partners, investors and industry relevant stakeholders which may lead to future partnerships, customers and collaboration opportunities in the United States.
  • Hands-on experience working at a Soft Landing site in the United States which is located within a relevant industry sector.
  • Establishment of a network contacts in the United States that could assist with the future establishment of business operations in the United States.


4. Who are we looking for?

The B2B Bootcamp is seeking small to medium enterprises (SME) incorporated in the EU Member States or Associated Countries that are post revenue. SME’s with following characteristics are targeted for this service:

  • Already have an annual revenue of at least €100,000
  • The company should have some track record in their own markets, and where it has been tested that the solution/technology is ready and working
  • The company must have some form of “tangible assets” – have secured at least one piece of intellectual property (either internally generated or licensed from another entity) and/or have an inventory of product.
  • The company should have a brick and mortar, established place of business where products/services are developed.


5. Our Partners

This service is organized by the International Business Innovation Association (InBIA). Partners include a network of Soft Landing entrepreneurship centers throughout the United States who will host the selected participants.


6. Dates and Timeline

Calls will be launched at least once per year in the Spring or Summer with bootcamps occurring in the Fall.