ENRICH Pitch&Meet

European deep tech entrepreneurs and researchers can apply and be selected to present their technologies, innovations or products at the ENRICH in the USA Pitch&Meet events.

Selected innovators are provided the opportunity to pitch their venture and innovation to a large audience and/or participate in one on one (or one to many) pitches and Q&A meetings with pre-selected U.S. based university soft landing incubators, equity accelerators, corporations, networks of business angels and venture capital firms seeking to buy, partner or invest.

Participants of these events have the opportunity to receive real-time feedback from US experts and recognized leaders.


You may recognize these series of events:

- Silicon Valley Investing Summits at Tech Crunch

- Silicon  Valley Funding Summits at CES followed by MatchFest, a matchmaking event organized at our pavilion on the floor of the Eureka Park at CES

- SXSW Demo, Pitch&Meet events at the European@SXSW House

- Pitch event at BIO at the European Union Booth

- Pitch events for foreign startups at Select USA Summit (and virtual series)

- Foreign Startups Pitch events at The Vault

- Pitch events co-organized with AngelLaunch

- Ecosystems Showcase Series (virtual series)