ENRICH in the USA Advanced Manufacturing Landing Hub

Located in the Buffalo-Cheektowaga-Niagara Falls metropolitan area and hosted by the Council of the Great Lakes Region, the Advanced Manufacturing Landing Hub provides European stakeholders unprecedented access to two national economies – the United States and Canada. The Great Lakes region is home to the fourth largest economy in the world, of a combined GDP of nearly $5 trillion (USD), and its most significant sector is manufacturing. Through access to a strong, production tech-centric resource network, talented expert workforce, sophisticated supply chain system, and business-friendly manufacturing-specific policies, the region is second to none in advanced manufacturing sector business and investment opportunities.

On the US-side of the region, visiting European stakeholders can enjoy networking with manufacturing giants such as General Motors, Praxair Tesla, Moog Inc., and Dresser-Rand, who add to the nearly 2,000 other manufacturing companies within the area. These companies are deploying the latest state-of-the art technologies in additive, subtractive, robotics-based, and other advanced manufacturing methods to produce a wide variety of products for consumer, government and commercial use. Because of the strong demand for up and coming solutions within the region, two facilities – the Buffalo Manufacturing Works and the RiverBend complex, enable low-risk entry for manufacturing equipment, materials or other solution providers to demonstrate and co-develop their innovations directly with relevant end users.

Additional regional initiatives, such as the Science and Technology Advanced Manufacturing Park and Northland Workforce Training Center, enable competitive workforce development and site selection opportunities for any foreign research and innovation actors interested in being closer to potential US customers, suppliers and/or partners. With unique access to one of America’s few hydropower infrastructures, international companies seeking low-cost yet reliable electric infrastructure, along with extremely competitive economic incentives to use local resources including this energy and workforce, will be hard pressed to look elsewhere to locate their manufacturing or supplier business. Finally, researchers interested in demonstrating or scaling their innovations in advanced manufacturing concepts, can enjoy access to a network of over 15 public and private research institutions solely dedicated to manufacturing technologies, policies and principles.

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