ENRICH in the USA Sector-Focused Tours

1. What is the ENRICH in the USA Sector-Focused Tours abouts about?

The ENRICH in the USA Sector-Focused Tours provide exclusive access to the United States’ premiere industry clusters: sector- or technology-specialized ecosystems of research and innovation actors that are ideal hubs of transatlantic business and technology collaboration opportunities. Whether to secure relevant customers; find globally renowned research expertise; or to engage with subject matter experts for regulatory, legal, or other expertise in a particular industry, the Tours were built to easily connect EU stakeholders to their US counterparts. During these week-long tours with local US cluster and/or economic development hosts, participants will connect with notable corporations and institutions through a variety of site visitations not open to the general public, panel or roundtable discussions, and 1:1 custom matched introductions, with a few stops at some of each region’s most spectacular cultural destinations included in each itinerary. Each Tour will showcase the US ecosystem’s dense population of sector- or technology-specific stakeholders, shared use manufacturing or research facilities, workforce development capabilities, investment opportunities, other economic incentives for foreign collaborators, and additional resources.


2. What do we offer?

We offer a number of these sector-focused tours throughout each year.

At the same time some ENRICH in the USA Centres and Landing Hubs provide on-demand Tours which require minimum guaranteed attendees. Please visit our Centres and Landing Hubs catalogs for more information on and to inquire about those Tours available outside of our annual cycle offerings here: https://usa.enrichcentres.eu/landing-hubs.


3. What’s in it for you?

ENRICH in the USA Sector-Focused Tour participants will receive:

  • Direct and custom assistance with relevant business, technology/research, and/or partnership contacts within a US region with significant densities of sector-specific stakeholders
  • Access to a hyper-focused itinerary which quickly and easily fosters transatlantic connections, removing the need to put together connections/meetings yourself
  • Access to rare US-based industry and/or research facilities not open to the general public
  • Financial support information for international entities to re-locate or locate a new global office within the US
  • Logistics and other business support information for international entities to learn incentives and/or benefits about the region’s specific assets in a single, convenient channel
  • You will be able to understand & better leverage additional services within the ENRICH in the USA Network


4. Who are we looking for?

We are looking for tax payers in an EU Member State or Associated Country AND/OR an EU Member State or Associated Country passport holder who are advanced manufacturing industry stakeholders such as:

  • Startups and SMEs developing innovations and products
  • Researchers
  • Large corporation executives in R&D, Engineering, Product Development, Manufacturing, Operations, Business Development and/or Financial Departments
  • Cluster coordinators
  • Economic development organizations
  • Multipliers
  • Industry and trade organization representatives
  • Local or regional government representatives
  • University administrators
  • Science/Technology/Industry/Research/University Park executives


5. Our Partners

Again, please visit our ENRICH in the USA Centres and Landing Hub pages to learn more about each Tour’s impressive roster of Tour hosts and co-hosts, as well as organizations involved with each Tour’s itinerary. These local stakeholders include state and local governments, large corporation executives, research institution administrators and leading researchers, entrepreneurship centers management, and more.


6. Dates and Timeline

Please visit https://usa.enrichcentres.eu/opportunities  for upcoming dates and timelines as we offer a number of ENRICH in the USA Sector-Focused Tours. Please also visit our Landing Hubs’ to inquire about on-demand Tours for large groups that are also available.

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