ENRICH in the USA Webinars

The ENRICH in the USA webinars, highlighting critical aspects of research and market areas that are potential opportunities for cooperation between the EU and the US, provide primarily EU organisations a unique opportunity to receive information about research thematic actions and innovation market aspects that are useful for transatlantic cooperation.

We share with you information regarding the main US innovation hubs, facilitators and networks, the main opportunities and barriers and an overview of the US research community landscape.

We would like to hear your thoughts and experiences. Discussions and interactions between participants are encouraged during the Webinar. We also welcome US organisations to participate to provide their perspective and network.


Past webinars (please click the title to visit the recording)

ENRICH in the USA Services

ENRICH in the USA Renewable energies

ENRICH in the USA Production Technologies

ENRICH in the USA & ENRICH in CHINA on Connected and Automated Driving

ENRICH in the USA webinar Big Data

ENRICH in the USA & ENRICH in China: Future Internet and Cloud Computing