Innovation Tours

1. What is the Innovation Tour about?

ENRICH in the USA Innovation Tours are the first step for you to encourage the commercialization of your promising EU research and technologies. Join us for exploring the US ecosystem. If you are an EU support innovation organization/multiplier e.g. research organization, university, cluster, or a researcher or early stage start-up, the one-week tour is for you!


2. What do we offer?

  • Our Innovation Tours are industry focused. The first West Coast tour had a B2C IoT track and an Agriculture tech track. The first East Coast tour is life sciences focused with special interest in cancer research, diagnostics and treatments, and drug discovery innovations
  • Our Innovation Tours are planned in conjunction with (or immediately after) an international show related to the industry in focus, such as the Consumer Electronic Show or the Bio Convention.
  • The Innovation Tours lasts 5 days and covers at last 3 cities/regions.


3. What’s in it for you?

By attending the Innovation Tour we offer you the following great opportunities:

  • You will gain an understanding of the local US ecosystems that supports the commercialization of Research and Innovation
  • You will receive live feedbacks on your project(s)/prototype/business plan
  • You will meet potential strategic partners and share good practices
  • You will explore funding and investment opportunities in the US
  • You will be able to understand & better leverage ENRICH in the USA support long term


4. What Our Participants say

2018 West Coast Innovation Tour

Michele Boni: “What a “Tour”, I still have my head spinning. I learned so much this week”.

Roberto Pasi: “I enjoyed the week. When can I apply to the next ENRICH in the USA service?”

Robert Langer: “Winning Pitch Awards at CES and during the Innovation Tour was such a Trip! Quite encouraging. Thank you ENRICH!”


2018 East Coast Innovation Tour

Pierre-François Migeotte: “I enjoyed exploring all of the opportunities that the United States has to offer such as research facilities, accelerators, and investors. I liked how extensive the tour was and the potential to establish partnerships with local American companies.”

Dimitris Tsiokos: “I enjoyed the discussions with investors as it was my first experience with this networking.”

Dimitra Papadopoulou: “I enjoyed and appreciated the opportunity to see different cities and ecosystems. I liked learning about how my company can connect with the different resources and contacts that we met on the tour.”

Ben Lorenz: “I liked to see the different ecosystems of New York and New Jersey, especially how they compare and contrast in terms of resources and areas of speciality.”  

Marc Mathys: “I enjoyed seeing the different ecosystems, especially the size comparisons between the resources of cities and those of the suburbs.”

Olivier Loget: “I liked to see the different sizes and types of ecosystems, and these activities helped me to better understand where and how my company should establish itself in the United States.”

Also check out our videos in YouTube


5. Who are we looking for?

We are looking for:

  • early stage entrepreneurs/researchers
  • research organizations, clusters, or similar organizations (multipliers) supporting researchers or entrepreneurs

Applicants have to be tax payers in an EU Member State or Associated Country AND/OR be an EU Member State or Associated Country passport holder


6. Our Partners

ENRICH in the USA is organizing this service in partnership with the state and local governments, the local bi-national chambers, internationally renowned universities, soft-landing incubators, equity-based accelerators,venture capital firms and network of angels, Fortune 500 companies, and the local European-American business communities.


7. Dates and Timeline

Our East and a West Innovation Tour calls are launched every year. The East Coast Tour will takes place around June and the West Coast Tour around January.