Media Promotion

1. What is it about?

ENRICH in the USA is launching its first PR/Media Training and Support Program. It is a vehicle for helping European innovators like you to promote their unique story. Get the most visibility possible to enhance your credibility with potential clients, research and/or commercial partners, and investors before and during your next event in the US. The programme includes a special track for researchers and early stage innovators with no PR prior knowledge.

Over a 3-year period, a total of 30 European innovators will be funded. This year, we are selecting 10 European projects for a program free of charge for the participants; one PR wire campaign is included.

The program will be managed by the ENRICH in the USA West Coast Center that will provide guidance on PR/Media promotion and planning, and will offer advisory resources.


2. What do we offer?

  • ENRICH in the USA PR/Media Training and Support gives you to opportunity to boost your visibility and credibility at your next US American event

  • 15 days of tailored and interactive curriculum, program, and services
  • 1 PR wire campaign (e.g. via Newswire or Globe Newswire)
  • Live feedbacks from PR consultant(s)
  • Support to find/leverage media presence/promotion opportunities in the USA
  • Credibility & Image support to help close Proofs of Concept / Pilots / Projects opportunities with potential, research or commercial partners, customers, funders or investors.


3. What’s in it for you?

By taking part in the PR/Media Training and Support Program, you will be able to boost your visibility and credibility at your next US American event.

You will cultivate greater knowledge on The Basics of PR, PR in the Digital Age, and Working with the US Media and you will also benefit from an interactive discussion with our trainers. For more information visit also our call here.


4. Who are we looking for?

We are looking for researchers, early stage deep science/tech entrepreneurs, startups or SMEs that have a unique story and/or technology/innovation to present at an US event (conference, symposium or tradeshow) planned within the next 6 months (for the current open call, by April 30th, 2019).


5. Dates and Timeline

The current ENRICH in the USA PR/Media Training and Support call has been published and is open until November 22, 2018 (at 23h59 CET) here