ENRICH in the USA session during the CSS 2020


ENRICH in the USA will have the pleasure to have a session on the CSS2020 in respect to internationalisation in the USA on May 29 at 12:30 CET.

The CSS is an event organised by the DIATOMIC project – Digital Innovation Hubs boosting European Microelectronics Industry with the aim to address some of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations in 2015 in a cycle of webinars between 18 and 29 May. DIATOMIC aims to establish a sustainable ecosystem to facilitate AME/SSI-based innovation in the Health, Agrifood and Manufacturing sectors, all of which are under-digitized and of prime importance for society and the economy.

CSS explores growth opportunities at the intersection of four areas of digitalization that are considered fundamental for growth: Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Internet of Things and Cybersecurity, trying to demonstrate how combining elements of these technologies can tackle the needs of the four application domains.

The agenda of the event tries to follow a journey from the strategic view of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the concrete needs that need to be addressed in the first week, how the key enabling technologies chosen can be used to contribute to address the needs and how these developments can be funded in the second week. The goal is to inspire participants in guiding their innovation activities, foster economic growth, while contributing to the satisfaction of the SDGs.

The programme of CSS is available under: http://css2020.eu/

The ENRICH in the USA will follow directly after session P4 that focusses on Public Policies, Funding landscape & Open Call opportunities and taht aims to present the position of public policy in digitilisation and its links to technology, innovation, sustainability and the Green Deal.