Mapping of NearUS clients and their demands

News item

The objective of the ‘demand analysis’ was to identify the demand of European stakeholders from the Research and Innovation (R&I) community seeking support to internationalise to the US and to analyse this demand in order to fine-tune services that shall be offered through the NearUS Network.

The demand analysis was especially focused on a widespread online survey that was disseminated to 10.000+ European stakeholders from a variety of backgrounds. The three ‘sister’ projects - NearUS, CEBRABIC & ERICENA - agreed on sharing efforts on the online survey and combining their dissemination activities thus reaching as many stakeholders as possible.

Beyond identifying clients and their needs, the ‘demand analysis’ also aims to verify the adequacy of the planned services foreseen by the NearUS initiative for potential clients. At the outset, the developments are overly inclusive in defining the total ‘market’, thus considering all types of stakeholders, their demand for services, their needs, and encompass all services.

On the basis of the defined “total market needs”, the second step was to divide the total demand into its main components for separate analysis per strand defined by the project – Research2Research (R2R), Research2Market (R2M), and Business2Business (B2B) – and consequently to conduct an analysis per service within each strand.

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