New Innovation Market Studies (Production Technologies & Nanotechnologies) made available

News item

ENRICH in the USA has published 2 more interesting Innovation Market Studies. You can find them here.

The two latest Innovation Market Studies concern Production Technologies and Nanotechnologies.


Innovation Market Studies - Production Technologies & Nanotechnologies

The two studies, which have been developed in the context of the ENRICH in the USA project, aims to provide relevant information on the United States (US) landscape in regard to the Production Technologies related innovation ecosystem and market and the Nanotechnologies related innovation ecosystem and market respectively.

The two Studies can be an effective source or tool for the European Union (EU) academic and industry communities to gain knowledge on the US related to eHealth fields and:

  • To identify the US leading regions from an innovation and market perspectives;
  • To identify potential approaches for developing collaborative partnerships with US facilitators of innovation and/or businesses;
  • To identify relevant US networks and conferences that can be used as a conduit to meeting potential innovation and market partners; and
  • To identify and assess the opportunity to access US funding programs related to eHealth in order to propose potential partnerships with US organizations


Furthermore, in our section Useful Links and Materials you can find also the

  • Thematic Research Studies on Transportation – Connected and Automated Driving, on Cancer Research and on Renewable Energy

  • Innovation Market Study on e-Health

  • Online education modules on sector specific topics related to market entry issues, or steps to establishing R2R collaborations taking into account the US university culture and policies.

  • “First – Aid Information Kits” that comprise of a set of handy, easy-to-follow guidelines with essential information on entering the US market and include a section on available critical support services.