Offer Analysis: Mapping of existing tools and services as well as service providers

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The report Offer Analysis: Mapping of existing tools and services as well as service providers is part of the initial phase of NearUS and provides the foundation for the initiative’s programmatic elements/offerings. The offer analysis contains information and data on service providers, existing tools and services for internationalisation support for the European Research and Innovation community. It targets primarily other service providers; clients interested in the service providers’ landscape and the availability and provision of support services for internalisation; EU MS/AC funding agencies and policy makers; EU MS/AC science counsellors in the US; and the NearUS Consortium Partners for tailoring the services accordingly to avoid overlap and exploit synergies, and especially to advance with the gap analysis. The analysis offers insights on the nature of service providers from the EU as well as from the US.

The sources used in this analysis were (1) reports from existing initiatives such as the JELO study and BILAT USA, (2) the NearUS survey launched towards respondents potentially interested in NearUS activities, (3) interviews with EU and US service providers and (4) mapping of service providers and services offered by desktop research.

561 service providers are identified throughout the report, headquartered in either Europe or the United States. The service providers from the European Union Member States and Associated Countries (identified through the survey) and from the United States (identified through the mapping) are diverse, being both research-related and institutions associated with entrepreneurs – accelerators, incubators, etc. The European entities identified in the mapping are also diverse, but special attention was given to the liaison offices, embassies and the bilateral Chambers of Commerce.

This offer analysis will be combined with the NearUS report “Mapping of potential clients and their demands” for a NearUS gap analysis to develop a demand-driven set of services for European research and innovation actors.

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