Participants first Business Acceleration Program West Coast

News item

ENRICH in the USA is launching its first Business Acceleration Program as vehicle for setting up promising EU ventures in the US West Coast ecosystem.

The 3-month program (August to November 2018) will connect the 5 selected startups with the #1 Business / Corporate Development “all-tech” ecosystem in the world, and identify ideal partners and investors to build their US activity upon/with. For more details visit here



Sebastien Torre, President, European American Enterprise Council
Cell: +1 619-382-8442 |
Blandine Chantepie-Kari, Vice President, European American Enterprise Council
Cell: +1 267-243-5088 |


Selected Startups

Protecting People
Wind Hunteris a pollution filtering air screen protection system made by air curtains to resolve problems of air pollution. Wind Hunter aims to provide people with clean and purified air.
Michele Boni,CEO |

Everybody can produce honey at home
BEEing’s digital device collects data both from professional beekeepers and urban beehives to create a map of pollinator activity, real time honey production, and bees’ health status. BEEing is using this data to develop an innovative beehive to help sustain the world recolonization of bees.
Roberto Pasi, CEO |


Your data privacy on the go
Allpriv is providing connected, end-to-end solutions to protect laptop connections on the go.
Mickael Leal, CEO |


Saving the planet with 50% power consumption reduction.
DCX – the Liquid Cooling Company - uses a set of proprietary technologies and its direct liquid cooling systems to reduce up to 90% of cooling costs.
Maciej Szadkowski, CEO |


Invisible Collector, where debt meets Google
Invisible Collector is an AI powered receivables relationship agent that allows creditors to efficiently manage debt files. With Invisible Collector, creditor companies can create a strategy that best suits its customer database.
Pedro Mendes, CEO |