Tech Race vs COVID-19 presented by 500 STARTUPS


We are hosting "Tech Race vs COVID-19 presented by 500 STARTUPS".

You should attend and listen to these incredible entrepreneurs who are shifting their technologies/products/services road map and business models to protect us and better our society


The webinar will take place April 10, 2020 08:30 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada).

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30 minute Introductions and Fireside Chat with Pedro Santos Vieira, 500 Startups Europe.

60 minute Pitch Session with Selected Dual Startups.
Format: 4 min + 2 min of Q&A.


Pre-selected Startups:

Los Angeles, CA & La Reunion, France
Crowd and Alert Management App for cities/counties.

IO Projects
Wilmington, DE and Berlin, Germany
Emergency Messaging on any screen and anywhere.

Helsinki, Finland, NY, NY and San Francisco, CA
AI based networking and matchmaking platform initially for conferences and exhibitions, is going online.

Szentendre, Hungary and exploring the USA
Innovative foldable container integrating solar power - used good for triage, separation areas, and first aid.

Ramat Gan, Israel and exploring the USA
Special chemical formulations giving textiles the ability to destroy pathogens, providing protection for doctors and patients alike against potentially harmful bacteria and infections.

Paris, France and exploring the USA
Smart Permaculture, Aquaponics system, and Vertical Farming - For a sustainable resilient society.

Munich, Germany and exploring the USA
Platform for modular computer vision - Zero touch scanning system to identify associated symptoms eg. temperature.
Ramat Gan, Israel and exploring the USA
Real-time, remote video-based Vital Signs Monitoring

Sniffy Solutions
Hartford, CT, USA and Toulon, France
POS panels/displays in retails and smart buildings spraying perfumes and alcool (as hand sanitizer)