WEBINAR: ENRICH in the USA on Renewable energy

Forthcoming Opportunities

Join us through an online webinar  to learn about renewable energies and the study on the subject prepared by ENRICH in the USA this Thursday, 28th March ar 3PM CET

In less than one hour of your time we will inform you about the research Thematic Study on Renewable Energies that provides an assessment of the United States (US) research community landscape and aims to support research and innovation cooperation between the European Union (EU) and the US. The webinar can be an effective source or tool to gain knowledge on the US research community and:

  • To identify potential approaches to developing collaborative projects with US researchers, research groups and research organizations.
  • To identify relevant networks that can be used as a conduit to meeting potential collaborators.
  • To identify and assess the opportunity to participate in US funding programs related to renewable energies R&D in order to propose potential project opportunities to US research counterparts.

Who should attend this webinar?

  • EU organisations interested in the USA market.
  • EU organisations interested in the USA research community.


What does the ENRICH in the USA offer you?

  • Tailor-made services with an in-depth knowledge of the USA research, innovation and business ecosystem;
  • Effective support to achieve a dynamic presence in the USA;
  • Contacts and collaborative opportunities with key organisations in the USA;
  • Improved understanding and more efficient use of existing infrastructure and technological resources in the USA; and
  • Active exploitation of funding and business opportunities in the USA.


Webinar Agenda

Session 1: Introduction
Overview of ENRICH in the USA


Session 2:ENRICH in the USA Renewable Energies Study
US renewable energy research community
Key networking opportunities for accessing the US renewable energy research community
US Initiatives and programs focused on renewable energy research


Questions & Answers


The webinar will last for 1 hour and will be held in English.

To attend the event, please register here. To visit the recording of the event please click here.

Registration is obligatory, but the webinar is free of charge .