Research Thematic Studies

1. What are the Research Thematic Studies about?

Ever wondered what are many of the possible ways of approaching the US research community in order to identify collaborative opportunities or to take advantage of known collaborative opportunities?

Ever wondered what resources are available to establish collaborative research opportunities with the US or what funding sources exist in the US?

If you have, the ENRICH in the USA team has developed a set of research thematic specific studies to guide you through the US research community landscape.

Each study focuses on a specific thematic area (e.g., Autonomous Vehicles; Cancer; Renewable Energy; among others). No need to worry if your research field is not covered by these thematic areas! By reviewing the suggestions detailed by any one of the studies you will learn the main approaches that can be utilised by European researchers interested in developing collaborative research opportunities with their US counterparts and examples of funding sources.


2. What do we offer?

You can download the studies through the ENRICH in the USA website HERE. New studies are frequently released and made available.

The Research Thematic Studies provide an assessment of the US research community landscape and aim to support research and innovation cooperation between the EU and the US. The studies identify US key university research groups, research centres and industry clusters, as well as some of the main research networks, professional associations and conferences/events focused on the specific thematic field.


3. What’s in it for you?

The studies can be an effective source or tool for you to gain knowledge on the US research community and:

  • To identify potential approaches to developing collaborative projects with US researchers, research groups and research organisations.
  • To identify relevant networks and conferences that can be used as a conduit to meeting potential collaborators.
  • To identify and assess the opportunity to participate in US funding programmes related to the specific thematic area in order to propose potential project opportunities to US research counterparts.


4. Who are we looking for?

The Research Thematic Studies target you as European (and US) research organisations that have an interest to collaborate with the US research community, such as: research managers and administrators, universities, incubators, research parks, R&D institutes and labs, and business organisations with a research focus.


5. Our Partners

The Research Thematic Studies are provided by the ENRICH in the USA team and their associated partners throughout Europe and the US. Each thematic study has different experts that contribute to the study’s development.


6. Dates and Timeline

New studies are frequently released and made available through the ENRICH in the USA website.

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