1. What are the Webinars about?

The Webinars provide primarily EU organisations a unique opportunity to receive information about research thematic actions and innovation market aspects that are useful for transatlantic cooperation. We will share with you information regarding the main US innovation hubs, facilitators and networks, the main opportunities and barriers and an overview of the US research community landscape.

We would like to hear your thoughts and experiences. Discussions and interactions between participants are encouraged during the Webinar. We also welcome US organisations to participate to provide their perspective and network.


2. What do we offer?

Short Webinars (not more than 2 hours) highlighting critical aspects of research and market areas that are potential opportunities for cooperation between the EU and the US. The webinars are focused on specific fields or sectors which are previously announced by the ENRICH in the USA team.

We’d like to hear about your needs and demands. The Webinars are adjusted to meet thedemand and requests from potential users.

You can register in the upcoming webinars through the ENRICH in the USA website in order to take full advantage of the knowledge gaining experience!


3. What’s in it for you?

The Webinars can be an effective source or tool to gain knowledge on the US research and innovation community and allow you to exchange ideas regarding internationalisation practices.

Moreover, the Webinars provide an overall perspective on the major trends concerning US research and innovation actionsand how you as a European may access them.


4. Who are we looking for?

Webinars are fully open to you if you are European and have a research or business interest in the US market, such as: start-ups, innovative SMEs, entrepreneurs, research managers and administrators, universities, incubators, research parks, R&D institutes and labs, business networks, trade associations, SMEs and clusters.

You are also welcomed to join the webinars, if you are an US organisation interested in cooperating with Europeans and would like to share your experiences.


5. Our Partners

The webinars are provided by the ENRICH in the USA experts with the support of local European and American partners. Each Webinarhas different experts that provide a presentation or case study during the session.

Further details about the trainers and their experience are provided with the announcement of each webinar.


6. Dates and Timeline

New Webinars are frequently announced and open for registration through the ENRICH in the USA website.
Recordings of past webinars are available HERE

If you want to receive the most recent information about our Webinars, please subscribe to the ENRICH in the USA Newsletter HERE .